Monday, November 15, 2010

Ohh you know....

So since I travel so much I get my choice of several amenities when I check in. Most people choose 500 points to be banked into their account. This week, I threw a curve ball and chose the option saying, "2 Beers and Popcorn." Well turns out room service is pretty freaking fast when they want to be. After getting into my room I chose to use the restroom, and while in the process, room service walked right in asking where they could serve the beer.

Who should feel worse? The poor guy who walked in on me? or me? I'm surprisingly ok with the whole thing, but I can understand where the Room Service Fellow might have felt out of place. In the end I told him to give himself a tip, and sign for him. I kind of think that might be the best news he heard in a while.

Today was a long day.

My hair is starting to get pretty long. If it weren't for the fact I pull and twirl it non-stop, I think I'd grow it out. I know I'm going to make myself go bald though with all the playing I do to it. It's the worst habit in more ways than one. Mostly because it's a pretty girly habit. Maybe I'll have my stylist, yes, I have a stylist, do some trimming so I can get adjusted to the length a little at a time.

Thanksgiving is coming up. It's gotta be my favorite holiday. I'll save all my favorites of it for a little while so I have more to blog about. For now, I'm just trying to get back into the routine of keeping this blog updated.

Things to look forward to with future blogs (also called a teaser): thoughts on movies coming out soon, Thanksgiving, video games, The Lion King.

Good night and good luck everyone.

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