Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shit, I forgot my camera.

So I went out and saw Hyderabad today. Not too shabby. Toured around a bit, had a nice vegetarian lunch (didn't even miss the meat) and went to the temple to look around. The downside is, I realized half way to lunch I was missing my camera. I need to do a better job of keeping it with me. Here's a link to some history of the temple I saw CLICK HERE . If that doesn't work, search for 'Birla Mandir'

It was pretty amazing. Everything was hand carved and made of white marble. I'm told the Taj Mahal should be similar. I also rode in an Auto-Rickshaw today. Let me tell aren't missing much. I had a layer of dirt, sweat and exhaust on my face once I got back to the hotel. It was an adventure though, so I'm glad I did it.

I'm also learning some Hindi while I am here. So far I can say, hello, ok, Where is....., and how are you? Not too shabby if you ask me.

All right, tomorrow is another big day. I'll be sure to keep the posts coming. Don't forget to vote.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Out and about

So I am heading out into the city for the first time today. I haven't had much of a chance to go anywhere yet, so this should be good. I am meeting a friend from work, Amitesh. It should be a good time. I think we are going to hit up the touristy things around.

I'll be sure to post pictures.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Who is reading this blog so early in the morning and voting? I think the vacation post was made at around 2:00am (CST) .


So I'm going to travel after busy season. Damn the torpedoes (in this case my credit card). After a few 70+ hour weeks, I think I deserve a break. But WHERE?!

Well, now you can help me decide. I've put a new poll on the right side of the blog. You can vote for where I take my vacation at the end of February/beg. of March. If I get a good suggestion, I'll add it to the list. I will cut off voting 2/5/2010 so I can make my arrangements.

I'm not particular where I go, but I need to be able to purchases visas while here in India, and travel on a budget. Any good tour companies you all know of would be helpful. And as always, if you fancy a trip, you are more than welcome to tag along with me.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This might be bad...

So this might sound bad.....

I got a new driver tonight. I didn't know what my driver looked like, his car, or anything. I just knew, I was getting a new driver. So I called him, and 5 minutes later a car showed up, I got in, and we started driving away. I didn't get his name or anything, I just got into the car. I've pretty much forgotten everything I was taught in kindergarten about strangers.

The first thought in my mind, and the thought that goes through my head each time I get into a car with someone, is that if they wanted, they could take me to some remote area, and hold me for ransom. I don't think that's an actual problem here, but the fact is, I have zero clue who the hell is taking me around. It's a little terrifying actually. I am more than aware I'm being paranoid, but still, it's a scary though.

Tomorrow is Friday, and every Friday is jeans day. I will say this, they've got it figured it out on this side of the company. Now we just need the other side to pick it up.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Low for Myself

So I've reached a new low for myself. As you all know it's busy season. It's stressful enough without additional troubles. Well, as I'm doing this work I'm assigned, I keep getting people who are either new, or haven't run the program we are using in years. It's frustrating to do my own work, in addition to other peoples.

Anyway, as many of you know, I watch a lot of movies. I can rattle off quotes, and scenes, and all that fun stuff. When I play Scene It, I make it my bitch lover. Well the moment I was told that the 4th person in a row I was assigned has little experience, I wanted to scream and just punch a wall. The low part of this is, while thinking that, my mind automatically reverted to a scene in a movie. Why is this bad? That move is 27 Dresses. Yes, 27 Dresses starring Katherine Heigl.

I mean, come on. I suppose it's better to have scenes from a chick-flick pop into my head instead of the scene from Rambo where Stalone jumps on the .50 cal (I used this as an example, that is not a threat). By the way, awesome scene. The gentlemen of the form Wayne Manor know what I'm talking about.

Thank you.

I'd like to thank Mr. Justin Wagner for bringing to my attention that the last post was missing some information.

I've come to the conclusion I can give no work away while I am here. It is better for me to just do it myself.

New Dreams and Confirmation

Last night I had a dream that myself and several other people attacked a convoy on ATV's. We won. The cool part about the dream was that for a part of it, the view was from 3rd Person, like in a video game. I got to actually view the destruction me and my team wrought onto the evil doers. After our solid victory, we celebrated. How you ask? I'll tell you how a band of soldiers celebrate a victory where they blow the living hell out of several trucks, and slaughter the enemy...

You watch an episode of Friends. Yes, after our hard fought victory, in my dream, we watched an episode of Friends. Now it's been a while, but I'm positive it was an actual episode in my dream. So if this is leading to things to come, I might be able to dream abotu TV shows I've seen, kind of like a re-run. That's pretty cool if you ask me.

It's Republic Day here. I'm told it's similar to our 4th of July. I don't think they do fireworks or BBQ's though. If they don't, I mean, what's the point? America. Speaking of BBQ, I want some ribs. Those sound good.

I'm debating belting out, 'Proud to be an American' but I don't think that'd fly over too well. And I haven't done anything inappropriate since I accidentally told a manager here a sexual slang, so I want to keep that streak going.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I was so tired this morning I put on two different socks and didn't notice until just now.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting Lost

So due to the wicked hangover I inflicted upon myself, I kept a pretty low profile yesterday. After looking for things to do, I decided that watching Lost would be a good idea. Unfortunately, doesn't work, and neither does outside of the US. So I opted to buy season 1 on iTunes. Let me tell you, it was well worth it. I think I'm 1/2 way through the first season already.

I'm going to attribute my watching Lost all day to the messed up dream I had. It was basically a dream where everyone started turning into zombies and we were running away trying to save ourselves. I don't know, but it scared the piss out of me.

I also had a dream where I wrote an email telling off a co-worker of mine. Needless to say, I woke up in a panic. After some quick searching though, looks like I didn't send any emails in my sleep or while I was wasted the night before, and I didn't send any IM's either. That was a relief.

I'm thinking no more Vodka Redbulls (what I was drinking Saturday). Too drunk off of them, and as a result gave myself nightmares. Anyway, it's Monday morning here. I'm entering my time and expenses, and just getting my day kick-started. I'll keep everyone posted.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Indian Hangover

Damn you Indian beer. Damn you. Last night was the first night I was able to do some drinking while here. It'd been a long week, and I had nothing else to do, so I went to the bar for a drink or two. I wound up meeting some English folk and drinking with them. They can drink. I was put under the table. I knew I was in trouble when at the tail end, I was starting to waiver, and one of them goes, "I'll have a double double gin and tonic." At that point I paid my tab, turned in and went to my room. They called me, "Yank" though, so I think that's pretty cool.

I wound up getting sick in my room. I made it to the bathroom, but I won't be seeking out English people to drink with again. I feel like garbage and am just waiting for food to come so I can feel better.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Saturday Working and Coke

Well I'm working on Saturday. It's a slightly cloudy, 83 degree day here in Hyderabad. Perfect for sitting by the pool w/ a cool drink, and a logic puzzle...or for sitting in an artificially lit cubicle jungle with 2 expats, and 10-20 of your local co-workers. I mean, whichever.

I'm actually rocking out some work today, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Now I need to tell you all, I think the Coke tastes better here. I did a little research, they use sugar here, and not corn syrup. Maybe I've just been missing Coke, or been drinking Diet-Coke in the states too much (It's harder to find here) but I think it make's a difference. I'm also a firm believing in the fact that Coke tastes better out of a glass bottle. So I need to locate some Coke in a glass bottle while here.

Tonight I will be joining some co-workers and going to the local shops and a nice dinner. I'm quite excited for this. I want to shop around and see what I can find. If you want a nick-nack or something from India, let me know.

Pearls are supposed to be the big thing here, and cheap. Also, customized clothing and things are supposed to be on the cheap here as well. So if you need something or want something, just let me know.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Food, Word of the Day, Last Nights Dream

So I'm going to learn some Hindi while I'm here. Today's word of the day, spelled phonetically:
teekay (T-K). This is the equivalent of "OK" in English.

If anyone feels like going to an Indian restaurant to experience what I experience here are some more foods I've had...

Aloo Bhaji (breakfast)


And everyone's favorite part of the blog, last night's dream. Last night I had a dream I was traveling with people for a hockey trip. At one point it was my coach, and another player, and at another point in the dream, I was with my dad and some other people.

Well when traveling with the coach, we lost one player, and then while staying at someones house, we somehow managed to destroy the whole place before we left. I don't know how. As we left though, some kind of snow storm hit, and we drove off the road.

Fast forward, I'm now traveling with my dad, and we are in the same ice storm. We try to drive around this frozen pond, but wind up sinking the car right into the water. I dive into the water, which is surprisingly warm, and start fishing out articles that people need. Cell phones, glasses, all kinds of little things. After that, I'm stuck on the side of some hill, and two firefighters turn a valve to drain the water out of this pond. Once the water drained away, our car was there completely destroyed, looking like a ship wreck.

Everyone was ok after all these events by the way.

So that's the dream(s) from last night.


So I promise to keep any rants about my job short and sweet. Two days in a row now I've reached a cross-road where I need to decide: is it faster to do the job myself, or explain it to someone else? I've chosen the later both times so far with mixed results. I'm in a mental debate with myself on if it's my fault for being a poor senior, or my co-workers fault. Time will tell.

I'm VERY excited about this hotel I am in now. Apparently my laundry is free. That or they are hiding the charges on my bill. Regardless, I get my clothes back w/in 12 hours, and they are folded and pressed. I came back from work to find my 3 Oxfords, 2 polos and 1 of my suits, pressed and hung in the closet. I need a service like this back home.

I'm basically to a point where I'm running a 16-18 hour day, with 10-14 hours of that working. It's sad, but I see these numbers, and I try to think of how I can work more in that time. I suppose I could stop blogging, but I've gotten a favorable response from everyone, so that's not going to stop. I just need to get through the next couple weeks and then it's smooth sailing.

I need a hobby for what little spare time I have. Suggestions?

The Good News

I've decided against posting the good news. No matter how I wrote it, I wasn't comfortable posting the good news. Not without ruining the story, or potentially getting individuals in trouble.

If you want to know what the good news is, you may ask me in person. Otherwise, I apologize for building the suspense for all of you following the blog.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dreams from 01.19.2010

All right everyone, new malaria pill, new dreams.

The first dream from last night was me working. I kid you not, I had a dream that I was running that testing that I'll be spending my morning trying to complete. I've had this dream before, so it's not that exciting.

The next dream is this; I had a dream that I was in the world of...wait for it......Harry Potter! BAM! Oh yes, I was in the fantasy world of Harry Potter. In my dream I had to apparate and splinched myself on accident. I left behind my eyeball. Then Professor Snape came in and jammed my eyeball back into it's socket.

I swear I can't make this stuff up.

I'll post the good news I got on facebook in a day or two. I know I'm keeping most of you in suspense.

Man, I really want to do this....

I'm gonna preface that the girls might feel left out on this one...

So I really want to pee on someone's car. Girls, I know you can't enjoy this post as much as the guys because you have to pee sitting down. You really are missing out. There's not a whole lot of things better than writing your name in the snow, or drawing pictures w/ pee.

Anyway I digress....

So I was facebook stalking to relax a little before I go back to work at 10:30pm. I came upon a person I'm friends with on facebook. I haven't seen this person in some time, but back in school one of our favorite things to do in our house was get drunk and pee on her car. She always double parked someone instead of parking in the street, so she had it coming. Anyway, I saw her picture and it made me really want to just pour my urine all over the handle of some poor unsuspecting persons car. I know it's mean. I'm sure it's been done to me. But there is something special about the moment you see that person you've recently wronged reach for the handle of their car, and just get a handful of your dried man waste.

Ohh how I miss it.

Formats and Rambling

So I figured I'd play around with the format of the blog a bit. I will say I'm not a fan of the pic to the right hand side. I'll try to update it to something more appropriate. Maybe the Indian flag or something? I do like the blue background though.

So I am pretty sure I might be developing carpal tunnel in my wrist. I always thought I'd hurt my wrist from other activities, but yea, it looks like the 12 hr days typing might be the end of me. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, but today it hurts.

So I don't know why, but I've been fascinated by "rap lingo" lately. Words like, "Shawty," "Flossin'," "Purple Drank" etc. Even phrases I might hear in a rap song intrigue me. It's made me want to make up either my own word or phrase that I can say. I haven't really been too successful so far. I thought of one today, but I am not sure I like it at all. It goes, "Call me Sully, because I'm a miracle worker." Even if I did like it, I'm almost positive I've heard a similar line somewhere, and besides, I wouldn't ever want to actually be called Sully. Rap baffles me still.

As lame as it sounds, Yes, I consider myself a data savior of sorts for my job (hence the above quote). I don't know if that makes me confident or cocky, or what not but yea, I think it's safe to say I'm very good at at least one portion of my job. go data!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Dreams and some wonderful news

I had two dreams last night. The first dream involved me finding out a friend of mine got a girl pregnant, had the baby and was trying to locate it since it went up for adoption. This isn't actually that weird, I have a couple friends who are married and some have kids already, so that's pretty standard I would assume. However, the friend in question who got the girl pregnant I wouldn't have imagined it happening, and on top of that, the girl in the dream was an Asian stripper. Crazy right?

The second dream involved me protecting some people from some sort of crazy wolf/boar/bull combo animals. I have no idea what they were, but in He-Man fashion I defeated these creatures. I even managed to body slam two of them, one onto a rock where it proceeded to explode on impact, and the other one I slammed into a fence where I broke it's back. Pretty graphic I know.

In other news, I got the BEST news today on facebook. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I fully believe we should throw a party when I get back just to celebrate. More details later....

Ohhh Boy I found 'da club, and I'm the main course

So yea, this is my third post today, but I had to share this. So everyone I've talked to from Hyderabad has told me that the world famous Novotel (see link below), the hotel I'm staying at, has one of the best clubs in the city. It's supposed to be the biggest bar in the city (according to it's website).

So for the 1 week I've been here, I've been looking for this bar that's supposed to literally be inside my hotel. The only thing I was able to find was a tiny bar that has a 20 inch TV that each time I've been in, has been showing Wrestling. So I finally realize tonight that the address for the bar is for the Convention Center attached to the hotel. So I go talk a walk around the hotel and BAM!!!! there's the entrance to this magical club, Excess.

Being a Sunday night, it's closed of course, which is fine. But as I turn around to come home, I notice the club rules posted on the wall. Well I was intrigued, so I took a look and read down list. Most were pretty standard: No outside food or drink, if you are wasted already, we won't let you in, attire is smart casual (i.e. no shorts, no tshirts, no sandals).

So I see these rules, and I'm thinking, "Ok, this seems like a pretty legit place of business." I can clean myself up and go try to get my swerve on. That is until I see one more rule tucked away.

"Club is for COUPLES ONLY"

Seriously Excess? Couples only?

I would rant more about the fact that a bar is couples only, but I'm sure there's more to the story. Maybe it's a swingers bar? Maybe there's a cultural difference I'm being insensitive to? Or maybe they just want to make sure there's a 1:1 ratio of girls to guys. I don't know.

If anyone wants to do some research and shed some light for me, that'd be clutch. I'm willing to bet there's a reasonable explanation, but it just seems like a very odd rule.

I also continue to be the main course for the mosquitoes who live in the swamp next to my hotel. Now my ankles, left bicep, and knuckles, are all bitten. Yes, those bastard little bugs bit my knuckles. Do you know what a hassle it is to have a bug bite on your knuckle? It sucks, because every time you move your fingers it's like you are just barely scratching the bite, and then it just gets worse.

Ok, tomorrow is another big day. If there are any requests for types of posts, please let me know. I haven't had any crazy dreams worth mentioning for the past two nights. I think drinking beer helps counter-act the craziness. More to come though........

**WARNING*** Don't read this post if you get grossed out easily. Especially you Wags.

So yea, I just took my first dump in like 3-4 days. I don't know if I'm not eating as much, or what, but damn......I feel so much better.

So yea, all of you travelers out there, make sure you stay regular.

Just a thought....

I just ordered some more Indian food to my room. I'll take a picture so you can all see what I'm eating here.

So depending on my funds, I'm about 90% sure that I'm going to travel after this trip for anywhere from 5-12 days. I know I'll have been gone for two months already, but I don't think I can pass up the opportunity, especially since I'm 1/2 way around the world already.

So this is a long shot, but if anyone wants to travel with me, drop me a line. I'm more than aware it would involve you coming to my end, but I'm open to going anywhere I haven't been already (which is all of Asia, South Pacific, and Australia / New Zealand).

I've spent a good part of my weekend working, and I'm going to work through the night to make sure I'm prepared for the week(s) ahead. The good news, I've got two of my projects about 75% done each. So I should be at least off to a good start before the real crazy stuff happens.

Anyway, keep in touch everyone.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Busy Season

This is the first Saturday I've actually worked more than 5 minutes. I have to say I don't enjoy it. The plan is to get as much done today as possible, and if I have time tomorrow, to go into the city to explore.

Amazingly enough, no crazy dreams last night. This could be due to the beers I had at the bar last night. Note to everyone out there, there's a beer called Tiger that is excellent. I recommend it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Real India Food

I ate an Indian lunch today. It was quite excellent. I don't know exactly what it was, but the names were (spelled phonetically)....


And I had a wheat flat bread that I can't recall the name of. Overall, it was quite excellent. I will keep you all posted on how I feel in a few hours. I also brushed my teeth with the hotel water, as I had finished all of my bottled water. I'll be taking bets on if/when I get sick.

Pictures Finally

Here are some photos from my hotel. The first is the bathroom. I got a kick out of this because of the shower head next to the toilet.

The others are a picture of my room, and a view from my room. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stupid Phone

To answer a question from Bert, no, I don't get ABC here, so I won't be watching LOST on TV. I have a decent internet connection though, so I should be able to watch on after each episode airs.

Last night I can recall one dream. It was a wonderful dream. I was back in college, and me and some friends were about to go to someones dorm. I can't quite recall which one though. Anyway, we get to the dorm, and there's a group of girls waiting for us. One of the girls, was a girl I had the BIGGEST thing for in High School. She took me by the hand and we went up to her room. We started to make out and then....

my f---ing phone rang and woke me up. I mean, seriously? This was like, my one chance to make this happen, real or not. And to top if off, after looking up the number, it's some collection agency. Great. I pay all of my bills on time, so I can't wait to see what this is about.

It's a holiday in India today, so I'm pretty much the only person in the office. And to top it off, nobody state side is getting their stuff in on time, so it's going to make my life hell in a week or two. Wonderful.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Busy season has started and I was bitten

I will say so far the worst part about all of this is that I get emails all day while I work. Go to bed for 8 hrs, then wake up to find another 30 emails have arrived while I sleep. It's a little frustrating.

Newest dreams from last night include....

-Being on an island much like the one from LOST, and exploring secret passages and tunnels. At the end of these passages, I arrive at a rehearsal dinner where I reveal that the groom cheated on the bride.

-In the other dream I was at a baseball game and caught a foul ball.

The second dream was interrupted by a phone call from Sprint at 6:11am to tell me about all of the new service plans I could be using. I hate you sometimes Sprint.

The other news of the day is that I have no less than 15 mosquito bites between both feet. I don't know how they got their since I wear dress socks all day. Normally I'd say whatever, but since you get malaria from mosquito bites, I'm hoping I'll be ok...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Contact Info and Malaria Dreams #2

In case any of you feel like chatting, my skype is danielj.adorno

Newest dreams last night included:

-Riding on a bus that crashed due to ice on the roads and running into someones Christmas tree outside. I should note that the family in this dream were more concerned about getting the lights back on their tree than the victims of the bus crash.

-Getting in my first dream fight where I land a punch. For whatever reason, usually when I dream and get in a fight, I throw some kind of pansy punch that barely glances off of my opponent. In last night's dream, I clocked the guy, and it felt good.

Malaria Dreams

So to fill everyone in, while traveling to certain countries, you need vaccinations against disease. For malaria though, you need to take pills. Prior to my trip, I was given the the following options: One pill a day, $6 for each pill, for about 13 weeks, or one pill a week for 13 weeks and $40 total. I chose the later. The catch is, in about 10% of the people that take the weekly pills, they experience hallucinations, anxiety and vivid dreams.

I rarely dream. Since I've started taking the pills, I've been having dreams, or at least remembering them in in greater detail than before. I do not know if this is caused by the pills, or if it's the placebo affect (effect?) and I"m making this happen on my own. Regardless of why, my dreams from last night included the following....
__Holding my breath under water for 5 minutes

__Building a house (a bad ass one I might add) on a lake

Future posts will go into more detail about these malaria dreams.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 1

First day, first blog. Between the jet-lag and malaria pills giving me crazy dreams (see next post for my Dream Log) I'm running on little sleep. Good news from this is that I have so much time in the morning, I'm getting my work outs in, and hopefully will stay in shape.

I found out I have a driver for the time being today. He almost hit a cow on the way into work. Seriously, it was just walking in the road. I don't think I've seen a stop sign, or traffic light, it's just continuous movement with speed bumps.

Once I leave the office, I'll post some of the other happenings, and my dreams. If there are things you all want to know, or have me take photos of, let me know.