Sunday, December 19, 2010

Almost a year? Really?!?!

So it's hard to believe, but this blog is almost 1 year old. About a year ago I found out I was going to India, and prepping for my trip. It's crazy to think that it's been a year already. I can't believe it. So much has happened in the last year, but I still feel like nothing much has changed.

I've recently been in the giving spirit, so I've been putting together clothes and books I don't read any more to give to charity. I've got a nice sized pile sitting in our basement, so I need to drive that to the Salvation Army sometime before I leave for Tennessee. It's a great feeling, and I'm looking forward to giving more. Plus on a more selfish note, it allows me to get rid of things I haven't used in ages, so maybe someone will find some use for it.

I finally took a step towards getting back into art. I finally restored a painting I've had for over a year now that was destroyed. It might need a few more final tweaks, I'll wait until my critics (my parents) see it until I decide if it's done. There's a wonderful sense of accomplishment on it though. I was actually really down when I looked at it for the first time in months tonight. Time and sunlight really damaged the original I'd completed, and I was starting to feel like I would never be able to fix it. I tried some new techniques tonight on it though, and I think it really helped out.

Once it's ready, I'll post some photos of the painting.

I'm heading home in 3 days, I honestly cannot wait. It's been way too long.

Goodnight for now.

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