Monday, January 10, 2011

Way too literal

So per my usual Monday, I was up at 3:30 this morning to pack and make it to my 6:00am flight. Nothing too out of the ordinary. I think most people's flights must have been canceled or delayed, because the airport was pretty empty upon arrival.

I always sleep on planes so today was no different. I had trouble sleeping on this flight because the man to my left was reading the paper with the light on. I slept on and off for the 2 hour flight, and woke up at towards the end when the pilot made an announcement that we would be landing shortly. I don't know what it was about being told the flight would be over soon, but I passed out IMMEDIATELY after that. You know what I dreamed about? The plane landing.

My dream felt quite real as well. I actually thought the plane had landed. I knew something was up though when I overheard a conversation behind me where the person said they were, "Going to go to Jabba about a quick loan to get back to Mos Eisley. " Yes, this is straight out of the Star Wars universe.

Once I did wake up though and landed (in real life this time) we decided to taxi for 30 minutes, so that gave me another opportunity to nap. No dreams from the second cat nap though.

Anyway, I have a twitter account now: Chen_says. It's all of the work things that go my co-workers say. I'm not limiting it to what they say, so if I have any gems, I'll be sure to post them. Have fun everyone.

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